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Live from CSPO: AI Seminar on consciousness | science | reincarnation

Live stream from CSPO - Arizona State University with Alternative Imaginations Seminar on consciousness | science | reincarnation on Wednesday, March 31st 2010, at 4pm Mountain Time (GMT -7:00), 7pm EST.
AI Seminar: consciousness | science | reincarnation

[AI Seminar] consciousness | science | reincarnation

consciousness | science | reincarnation
an open dialogue with
ZaChoeje Rinpoche (Emaho Foundation) and Stuart Hameroff (Center for Consciousness Studies, University of Arizona)
moderated by Farzad Mahootian (ASU School of Letters & Sciences)
Wednesday, March 31, 4 – 6pm
Arizona State University
Discovery Hall, Room 350
RSVP: ai_cspo@asu.edu
Consciousness in Tibetan Buddhism and modern science and philosophy
v Nothingness [...]

Does Science Know Itself?

The importance of metaphor’s role in poetry, science and religion cannot be overestimated. Metaphor transforms seeing into “seeing as” and, as Thomas Kuhn and others have demonstrated, this is precisely how students learn to be scientists: perceptual associations are adjusted and cultivated to form new habits of observation and thought. Metaphor and myth have guided [...]

Is there no alternative science?

What do you think?
“There is no alternative medicine. There is only scientifically proven, evidence-based medicine supported by solid data or unproven medicine, for which scientific evidence is lacking. Whether a therapeutic

What are the missing masses?

by Christine Luk
It is perhaps appropriate to begin by narrating how I picked up the line of thought: Alternative Imagination of Science and Technology. Besides the identity politics as a woman of color and non-English speaker, I was mainly attracted to the idea of studying science in non-Western context through postcolonial and feminist accounts of [...]

Intelligence, Genetics, Self-Knowledge and Diversity

by Farzad Mahootian

Who are we, really? Wisdom traditions of the major world religions revere self-knowledge as the highest spiritual achievement. While the meaning of self-knowledge varies across traditions, devotion to the quest is ever-present, if not always explicit, within initiation rituals that predate world religions by several millennia.

Conversations in Science: Conversations on Science

by Debjani Chakravarty
“People are just not interested in the sciences any more,” sighed Dr. Sahay. “No one wants to do it. I grew up in a community of hobby scientists. We actually wanted to be physicists and botanists, mathematicians and zoologists. Some of us wanted to teach. Some of my friends got through in medical [...]